Tired of chasing productivity at the cost of your peace of mind? Discover a new way to nurture success and joy.

As a joy-centered educator and award-winning author, Tricia Underwood is on a mission to redefine achievement without sacrificing well-being. 



11th Grade Student
at Peideia in Atlanta, GA

“Before, I used to be overwhelmed by my school work which led me to not put as much effort as I could into doing homework each night. I frequently napped . . .

Parent of 12th Grade Student
Decatur, GA

“She is thriving and enjoying life more than ever. She’s on top of her work like never before and more confident than she’s ever been. It’s exciting to see her . . .

9th Grade Student
at Decatur High School in Decatur, GA

“..When we started, I had a huge problem with not really paying attention and not having motivation for school. But now I work more regularly and am much more organized. . . .

Parent of 10th Grade Student
at Woodward Academy in College Park, GA

“I’m so glad she’s working with you this semester. It shows in her school performance and her happiness at home.“