Happy Grades

Workbook Companion Guide for Parents and Educators

by Tricia Underwood

Tired of watching your students/teenagers stuck in a cycle of stress, procrastination, and low self-efficacy?

Happy Grades will show what happens when students stop chasing good grades and all the procrastination, boredom, and burnout in the process, and start a different approach to success in school. Parents and educators are on to the fact that old lessons on time management, study skills, and organization just aren’t cutting it anymore. Happy Grades is a new approach to showing students how to succeed without trading in on their happiness, interests, or peace of mind.

With writing prompts in each section, you’ll learn how students:

  • Create meaningful habits
  • Use curiosity to stay engaged and tackle big tasks
  • Improve motivation, focus, and memory
  • Increase happiness and resilience
  • Connect with peers, improve relationships, and be accountable
  • Challenge the myths about success to cultivate personal values

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Genre: Education: Parent and Teacher Mentoring, Education: Parent Participation, Parenting & Relationships
ISBN: 978-1-945783-23-4, 978-1-945783-28-9
Publication: September 29, 2023
Length: 148 pages



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