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Your guide to the good life without the grind

For two decades, Tricia Underwood has been an educator supporting neurodivergent teens and a professional development facilitator sharing actionable strategies for learning success.

When Tricia found burnout on the other side of career success, she realized something was missing from the usual tips and hacks for managing a busy life – joy. Now her life’s mission is to nurture the pursuit of joy as the ultimate form of productivity and success.

Tricia’s perspective as a “joy-centered educator” has been featured at the Summit for Transformative Learning, The Professor Game podcast, The Online Tutor Summit and in her award-winning Happy Grades books for teens and their weary parents and educators. 

Tricia’s award-winning book, Happy Grades, champions an unconventional approach of nurturing curiosity, playfulness, and emotional well-being as the true path to achievement.

Blending the science of positive psychology with pinches of quirky wisdom and relatable storytelling, she makes you feel “like talking with your closest friend who always has the best advice.”

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Tricia is a closet dork who loves getting lost in books, puzzles and taking her clumsy dog on walks. When she’s not reading and writing for her next book projects, you can find her wandering around her house looking for her phone and AirPods or scrolling Zillow for the perfect cottage in the mountains and daydreaming about all the books she would read and write there.

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